Womens National Team Rebound After a Shaky Start to 2012 Olympics

Womens National team defeats France 4-2

The United States Womens National team rallies to beat France 4-2 in the Olympic opener on Wednesday in Scottland. The French were able to thread the needle through what is thought to be an impenetrable defense.
After getting down two goals in the first four minutes, the team regrouped and tallied two for themselves in the end of the first half, making it tied at halftime. “I think there was a lot of nerves and stuff going on in those first minutes,” defender Rachel Buehler said. “And we got ’em out. It probably went as bad as it could — and then we were able to turn it around.”
The rocky start is not unfamiliar to the US National team. During the 2008 Bejing Olympics, the women lost  2-0 match to Norway; a minor speed bump before winning the final 5 matches to take home the gold. “We’ve been there before,” said coach Pia Sundhage, “and we came back. If you look at the whole tournament in China, we won the gold medal. Now this team is better than 2008. We came back in the game… It was a little shaky beginning, but I think it was amazing the way we came back and responded to those two goals.”
Goals by Abby Wambach, Alex Morgan, and Carli Lloyd helped the two-time gold medalists secure a convincing win. The match was played two days before the official start to the Olympics in order to fit the entire tournament in before closing ceremony. The team is scheduled to play Columbia on Saturday.
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