Reflective Log

During my summer program at University of Westminster in London, I have learned a lot about multimedia from a journalist standpoint. Multimedia Journalism is growing extensively and continues to change. It extends beyond online newspapers, into the blogosphere and social networking world. The medium itself is immediate and gives nearly instant feedback, for example through comments from readers. I also improved my skills at video and picture slideshow editing. I was unfamiliar with Mac video-editing software, but after using it for a Vox Pop video, I am much more confident with using it.

I have also learned about link-driven articles for blogs. I found it really interesting to base an entire story off of links and websites that I personally find useful. The article I wrote, ‘Night Time London,’ is about helping those unfamiliar with London the resources to find a venue to go to at night. Writing a link-based article was something I had never tried before and I found it to be very rewarding to be able to share with others the sites I used almost on a daily basis during my stay.

The profile I wrote on Rohan Daft was challenging at first, but once I decided the direction I wanted to take, it became easier. I wanted to write more about Daft’s career, life, and him as a person, than his job. I tried to incorporate both his experience as a journalist and multimedia manager. I believe my profile of Daft gave the important information in a concise manner, while still using quotes and important background information.

My opinion on Stonehenge was an easier article to write. I wanted to explain my disappointment in the excursion without sounding ignorant or ungrateful. Without knowing all the mystery and ancient history behind it, the exhibit was just a bunch of big rocks. I tried to make my article balanced with both appreciation for the history and my dissatisfied opinion.

The news piece I wrote on the US Womens National team was also easy to write. I am very interested in football and enjoy watching their matches. Their first 2012 Olympic game was really exciting and I have a decent amount of experience in writing hard news articles. I think I took all the important information and stated the facts in an interesting way.

The review I wrote on Swedish House Mafia at Milton Keynes is my favourite article that I wrote. At a concert is where I can be found at my happiest, and I really wanted my reader to feel the excitement that I did while being there. I believe I did a good job at describing the events and emotions while still telling a story.

I am so thankful to have the chance to study abroad here in London. No amount of classroom lecture could teach the things I have learned here, both academically and in life. It was an experience I will never forget, and I wish it would never end. I hope to return as soon as possible.

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