Profile: Rohan Daft

Rohan Daft, Author and Online Media manager

“It was my intention to go on an adventure” said author and online media manager Rohan Daft. A London native, Daft has had years of experience in both print and online journalism. He is the author of a Spanish cookbook, Menu Del Dia, and previously wrote a gossip column for the London Evening Standard. “You learn that journalism is all about getting stories,” Daft explained, “and it’s a lot of pressure.”

After spending a year researching and writing a Spanish cookbook in Spain, Daft returned to London and became the online media manager for Richard James, a high end men’s clothier. He works to maintain the company’s website, as well as other social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, and pintrest.

Although online media is drastically different from cookbook writing and print journalism he began his career with, Daft said he adapted to the online platform well. “I like how immediate it is,” he said, “It’s rewarding to see the effects and receive feedback within minutes of publication.” He also enjoys the short style of writing, which he has “a lot of experience with, being a former gossip columnist.”

Daft’s success in both print and digital media can be directly related to his keen attention to detail. From the colours of the blog to the precise word choice, everything Daft publishes is deliberate and purposeful. “Whether it a car or a suit or a house, you want the world to see it the way you intend it to be presented.”

Although he focuses mainly on the online media for Richard James, he remains interested in writing books. “It is difficult to make a living out of feature and book writing so I find it satisfying to do that part time.”

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