Swedish House Mafia at Milton Keynes Bowl Review

Lights were flashing, bass was pounding, and beats were dropping. The Swedish House Mafia show at Milton Keynes on Saturday, July 14 was everything and more that you would expect from a house music concert. After announcing their breakup via their website on June 24, SHM fans scrambled to purchase tickets to what would be their last UK show ever. Subsequently, ticket sales reached nearly 65,000. Madeon, Alesso, Calvin Harris, and Pete Tong all rocked the stage as well as supporting acts.

The weather could not have been more agreeable, considering the typical gloomy English weather. Many in the crowd took advantage of the warmer temperatures by wearing little to no clothing, and celebrating in true drunken fashion. The excitement in the air was intense, it was obvious that everyone there was ready to dance and enjoy the last of what Swedish House Mafia had to offer.

And they did not disappoint. From the first beat of the bass the crowd went wild. As the stage filled with neon flashing lights, the group appeared on their turntables, bobbing back and forth in unison to their recent release ‘Greyhound’. They jumped, fist pumped, yelled and spun their most popular tracks all night. There was pyrotechnics, fireworks, and strobe lights going in perfect sync with the music. The concert ended fittingly with their statement-question of a song ‘Save The World’ where every hand was sky high as if praying to their house music gods.

I returned home covered in mud with my ears still ringing. I laid down in my bed and could still feel the bass resonating up through my feet. I know that concert may not mean much to the world of music in general, but it would be something 65,000 people, myself included, would never forget.

*This is the promotional video for the The Milton Keynes bowl.

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